Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Godzilla Bust

Here is a rather large sculpture I did in 1997. The intent was to create a showpiece to help me obtain sculpting jobs from toy and collectable companies for this heavily licensed film. It did help me land the job sculpting the previously posted full body kit for Playing Mantis. A rather lucrative contract I might add. So don't badmouth old Zilla around my family,..he pays the bills in our house!
P.S. I still have a couple of these bad boys cast in resin laying around, so anyone interested in making a purchase, let me know by posting on my blog. The bust comes in 5 easy to assemble pieces and stands about 11 inches tall when finished. Its a damn fine sculpt that I am still quite fond of.

Tristar Godzilla Prototype

This is a sculpture I did for a company called Polar Lights/Playing Mantis of the infamous 1998 Sony Tristar Godzilla. It was intended to be a rather large styrene plastic model kit, but because of problems at the factory it could not be produced in time and was cancelled. Sorry for the somewhat sub-standard photo, it is all I can locate at this time. The entire kit consisted of a huge parent Godzilla, ruins of a toppled skyscraper and six eggs with five baby Zilla's milling about. The sculpture itself ended up being 12 inches tall and about 26 inches long. And took roughly two months of hard labor.
I will post better photos when I find them...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


And now for something completely different...
I am currently working on a whole new relaunch of the old classic toy line from the 1980's....MADBALLS!
Since I was around in those days and actually worked on the toy line back then, it is real cool to be working on the new incarnations.
For more info on the first line of toys being launched at Toyfair in New York City this week, go to Madballs or check out the website of the company that is licensing the property from American Greetings at: Art Asylum.

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Gatorman

As an experiment I tried taking one of my large pencil illustrations into photoshop to color. I am a huge fan of the work of Frank Frazetta, Bernie Wrightson and an old, little known pulp and hardcover illustrator named Allen St. John. This piece benefits from their inspiration.

Zombot Ghouls on the March

Another big ole' pencil rendering based on my script: Monster Hunter. This one depicts the shocking, shambling foot soldiers known as Zombot Ghouls. Once you've been recruited by the villainous Baron Wroclaw, you've joined his ranks for life.
And beyond...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Introducing: Mangus Vladix

One particularly interesting tertiary character in my screenplay is an ancient, legendary Celtic Vampire Warlord named Mangus Vladix. Here is an excerpt from my character profile included with all my script submissions.

Sixth Century Ireland and it’s surrounding provinces became the feeding ground for the vicious Celtic Vampire Warlord, Mangus Vladix. Vladix and his godless band of pirates, thieves and cutthroats began drinking the blood of their prisoners as a source of sustenance during their numerous nomadic raids. They angered and offended so many ageless gods of the ancient world that they became cursed to live eternally as undead vampiric monsters, now dependent on the blood that they had so arbitrarily sought. In the early 20th Century, Baron Elexia Wroclaw’s archeological task-forces unearthed the tomb of the evil Warlord Mangus Vladix. His ancient stone coffin was shipped to the Wroclaw Institute in upstate New York, where the revived monster attacked Professor Tierra Accord and her assistant Drew Addison working at that facility. Fortunately Aden arrived in time to save Tierra’s life, and kill the savage Celtic Vampire.
Or so he thought.

Monster Hunter: Museum Battle

Here is an illustration done a few years back depicting Adin's first encounter with the monstrous Celtic Vampire. Though this battle takes place early on in my screenplay, do not worry, the evil Warlord is down, but not out...

Mangus Vladix: Comic Book Version

Here is a more..."simplified" version of my character: Mangus Vladix. Ready to enter the comic book world...

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