Thursday, February 22, 2007

Emperor of Frankenstein's Planet!!

Here is a drawing I did of the omnipotent Emperor of Frankenstein's Planet. He is flanked by his two most trusted bodyguards, and has in his possession hero Artemus Axel's flight helmet, which is the astronauts only means of communication with the world he used to know.

I created a triptik version of this illustration as well by combining it with my two earlier freak warriors.

Monday, February 12, 2007

"Spontaneous Embellishment!"

Check out my previous post to see the rough pencil drawings from which these inks sprang. Once again, I did these at lightspeed, not wanting to over-think or over-render them. By the time these were concepted, penciled and inked, I figure that I must have spent about an hour and a half a piece on them, tops. In alot of ways, I am quite impatient with my art...(or is it my extremely short attention span?). I guess it stems from my background as a toy designer, churning out drawings as quickly as possible to convey a given concept, then moving on to the next. I think in some ways these two guys benefitted from the limited time I spent on them. I kinda like their choppy, spontaneous treatment.
Color comes next, and I'm gonna do it quick!...

More Freaks!!

Recently unearthed!
I found this lobby card for the 1967 production of Sergio Leone's "War of the Collossal Freaks of Frankenstein's Planet" in a folder in the basement of a local theater here in Cleveland. Long thought to have never existed, this rare find is even signed by Clint himself on the backside!! Amazing!
( Uh, really this is just a lobby card I pieced together from existing WOTCFOFP art. I am in the midst of gearing up to start creating some new artwork for this concept, and thought I would wip this up to help get in the mood.)
P.S. Check out Carlos Villagra';s way-cool four armed freak on his blog. I think there will be more coming soon from him as well.

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