Monday, February 22, 2010

Zombot Ghoul Resin Kit Pre-orders!

Thats right. James Groman's Zombot Ghoul resin kits are now available for pre-order at THE GROMAN STORE. Follow the link to THE GROMAN STORE on this blog to find out details on how to order this massive, monstrous beauty!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Zombot Ghoul Sculpture

Here are some more photos taken of my Zombot Ghoul sculpture a few days before it's completion on February 15th. At 22 inches, this has ended up being one of the largest figures that I have ever sculpted, and I have to say I really did find the scale quite enjoyable to work in. I am looking forward to doing some more larger sized pieces this year.
I delivered the finished sculpt to my mold maker (Matt Hawkins at Character Dynamics) today and should start getting finished casted parts in about a week. I am still putting the finishing touches on the base and one small additional accessory. The kit will come in approximately 10 parts which will include the Zombot's rifle, base and a few wires and hoses to connect and customize his various mechanical additions. I will be retailing the sculpture for $200.00 and will begin taking orders emediately.
Thanks to longtime friend James Elliott for helping out by supplying and fabricating various parts for the awesome rifle, which is made from a variety of metal, renshape and styrene parts.

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