Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zombot T-Shirt

Did this design over the course of a couple nights last week after the day job. Wanted to get a t-shirt graphic concept out to a company that had asked me for a design a while back.Liked this enough that I may color it up for a Zombot Ghoul comic book story that a company is in negotiations with me about right now.
May be a busy month. Getting ready for a trip out to New Zealand to spend a week with the amazing folks at the Weta Workshop. Hoping some of their amazing skills will rub off on me...

Friday, May 06, 2011

Claws of the Werewolf

Previews and Aint It Cool Newsjust posted some of the first images from Bela Lugosi's: Tales From The Grave issue #2! Not only do they show the cover (done by seven time Academy Award winner: Rick Baker) they have one of my pages from Sam Park's story: Claws of the Werewolf posted there as well! Loved working on this book!
You can also pre-order issue #2 from this grab one before it's gone!!

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