Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Boys Are Back...

I have mentioned before on this blog that I created, wrote and illustrated a comic book back in the 1980's-90's called Buce n Gar. At the time the book's sales were on a steady increase all the time, and there was a group out there who even started a fan club. But when the last seven pages of the 100 page story arc I was working on were lost at the printer, and I was offered a new job right out of college, I abandoned the publishing world and went on to have a rather lucrative career in toy design.
About 3-4 years ago, RAK graphics publisher Robert Kraus found the lost pages, and I at last had my complete 100 page Buce n Gar comic back together. And in the interest of finally seeing this large part of my artistic past finally complete, I am now planning to publish this entire, 100 page epic myself. I have cleaned up and re-typeset every page, and recently began work on a brand new cover for the book, (which you see here.) I have also decided to re-design the logo, and go with a new spelling for Buce's name. It will now read: Boose n Gar.
This cover is still in the finishing stages, but will be completed soon. My planned book will be over 150 pages long, and will contain the now complete first saga of Boose n Gar as well as a number of my other early works.
Finally, after all these years.
Stay tuned for further updates...
(Special thanks to my friend and co-worker Dave Fedan for his constant incouragement during the course of creating this new cover. )

Monday, April 07, 2008

Charlton Heston:1924-2008

I heard the news that Charlton Heston died this weekend. This demanded that I pick up a pencil, and honor him with a sketch.
Heston was one of my all-time favorite actors. The voice, the presence, the face that seems to be carved from of stone. Like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Gregory Peck, Charles Bronson and Steve Mcqueen, there isn’t a movie star alive today that can touch him when it comes to his stature as an iconic, larger than life hero.
Some of my favorite films he starred in are: The Naked Jungle (fighting killer army ants), Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, The Warlord, The Big Country, El Cid, Will Penny, The Agony and the Ecstasy (as Michaelangelo), Major Dundee, A Touch of Evil (great film noir), Planet of the Apes (the great original), Soylent Green and The Omega Man, to name but a few.
If you ever want to see what I believe to be the inspiration for Indiana Jones, check out Heston’s ‘ Secret of the Incas’.
If a ‘real’ Batman movie had been done in the 50’s or 60’s, he would have been my choice for Bruce Wayne/Batman.
The sketch that appears here is based on Heston’s portrayal of El Cid from the 1961 film of the same name. The actor is best known for his oscar winning portrayal of Judah Ben Hur in the film: Ben Hur, and as Moses in the Ten Commandments. But my favorite, big-budget film epic with him in the lead is El Cid, the story of Spain’s greatest historical hero. Don’t take my word for it, the film was just released as a limited edition collectors set DVD with a ton of way-cool extras. No CGI here, those massive, castle and beach assaults and battles are all extras, props and sets. Do yourself a favor, and check it out.
Charlton Heston is a true hero’s, hero.
Who do we have today: Keanu Reeves?

Friday, April 04, 2008

War of the Collossal Freaks of Frankenstein's Planet Comic Book Page!

This comic page was sent to me by an anonymous source from somewhere in Florence, Italy. It was rumored that a comic book adaptation of WOTCFOFP had been initiated, but no one had any samples of the art until now. This page was sent to me with an original typewriter written plot synopsis for the film, which I believe to be the first document used to pitch Clint Eastwood back in the 1960's. I am committed to tracking down the source of this find, and attempt to piece together the rest of this strip, if it indeed does exists.

War of the Collossal Freaks Trailer

Film Fan and archivist Jorge Lacera has begun reconstruction of the original movie trailer for this lost film. This is a work in progress, but like The Time Machine in HG Wells classic story, it gives us a glimpse of this amazing treasure from the past. Anyone out there that may have uncovered any news or images from this film, please contact me on this blog.

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