Friday, April 21, 2006

The Herculoids!!

Anyone remember these guys? They appeared on television in the early 1960's when Super Saturday morning was owned by animators;William Hanna and Joseph Barbara. This was just a way-cool, wacked out concept from the mind of comic book artist Alex Toth. The show consisted of a highly imaginitive animal army led by a heroic human named King Zandor. Zandor's family consisted of his wife Tara, and his son Dorno. The beasts were as follows:
Igoo the rock ape, Tundro the tremendous (a kind of Rino-saurus) Zok the lazer-ray dragon, and Gloop and Gleep, "the fearless, formless wonders!"
Anyway, this is my version of the shows main critter characters.
C'mon, Hollywood. We need a big-budget Herculoids movie.
And we need it now!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Buce & Gar: The Return!!

Hit the " Buce & Gar" link to the left and check out some of my vintage 1980's comic book art from Buce & Gar number 1!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Project 20078

In the early 90's I sculpted one of my first garage kits called the Jupiterian. It was based on an animated creature created by special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen when he was very young. I met Ray at a convention a few years later and we decided to collaborate on a new, more accurate sculpture of the beast that he would oversee. This is the first sketch I did of the proposed new sculpture.
Like a fool, I ended up taking on a number of big freelance jobs soon thereafter and never got the project going.
One of the great regrets of my career.

More from the vault...

From the land beyond beyond...from a world past hope and fear....
I bid you artwork now appear!
The year: 1990. I had just completed my first complete multi-issue comic tale starring my characters: Buce-n-Gar. This was to be the cover for the paperback edition of the collected five issue series. (Pardon the crappy logo....I was but a young artist then.)
For those of you wondering, Buce is a blue-furred, hulk-sized, two-ton animal called a Ferdag. Gar is a reptilian warlord from the primitive planet of Drendenshall. Together they are a legendary heroic force for good protecting the universe from the sinister Barrium Overlords. Wanna know more? Let me know and I'll post some pages from the old comic book they starred in during my art school days.

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