Thursday, June 28, 2007


Here she is...our new Sketch-o-Rama subject for this month....
Darth Talon!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Macabre Man-Thing

When I was a kid, Marvel Comic's "Man-Thing" was one of my favorite characters. I would dig through the comic book racks disgarding "Spiderman", "Captain America", "Fantastic Four" et all in search of the new issue of "Werewolf by Night", "Tomb of Dracula", "Monster of Frankenstein" or "The Macabre Man-Thing". Mostly because I dig anything with monsters, but partly because I loved the work of the one artist who worked on all 3 titles at one time or another: Mike Ploog. Mike could draw monsters, and his style reminded me a bit of Bernie Wrightson (another favorite of mine...). Seek out some of Mr. Ploogs work if you get a chance. You'll find that Hollywood discovered his talents long ago and he has worked as a storyboard artist and production designer on many a Sci-Fi/horror film. (most notably Ralph Bakshi's "Wizards, John Carpenters "The Thing" and "First Bood" to name a few...)
But remember this one thing as you look at the awesome array of monsters and beasties that flow from Mr. Ploogs fingertips...

"Whatever knows fear, burns at the Man-Things touch!!"

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