Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Presenting; Pebbles!

Thought I would take a break from King Kong and Monster Hunter to post some shots of a few sculptures I have done over the years. As I might have mentioned earlier, I worked for years as a professional toy, model and collectable sculptor. Some of the images that follow represent a small fraction of the work I have done over the past 15 years. Some of these pieces are contract work, while others are personal projects that I produced and sold at Model Kit and Toy Conventions.
First up is a piece I call Pebbles the Cavegirl. She is about 11 inches tall and bustin' out all over. Yes, my friends. This is Fred's little girl all growed up!
Pebbles was produced around 1998 and sold at a number of Garage Kit shows I attended across the United States in the years following. She came with an "optional" snap-on bra, (which most people seemed to disregard when assembling). The bra was included for all those kid-friendly collector toy shows the kit was displayed at.
I got alittle tired of being slapped by all those angry mommies when Pebbles first appeared in all her topless glory.


Alexandra said...


I know this is coming kinda late, but:

Would you happen to know ANY source where I might be able to obtain a copy of your fabulous PEBBLES kit?

I'm from Germany so phoning Ground Zero in Ohio is not really an option - and they don't seem to have a website.

I've been (literally) searching for years now and nobody seemed to be able to help.

Greetings from Germany,


James Groman said...

I have been trying to reach e-mail on your website. Hope you check in here again...
Let me know your email and I will give you informatioin on how to get a Pebbles kit!
Jim Groman

Alexandra said...


I've been on a short vacation and the email address on our website is kinda hidden - I don't want any more spam.

So please use this one:

That address is used to tons of spam and phishing ;-)


Alexandra Moeller,


Alexandra said...

Hi again!

Seems like your email didn't get through to me.

That's a pity.


terrbert said...

Mr. Groman

I'm a fan of your character and creature designs and have also been searching for your Pebbles kit after it captured my attention in a back issue of Amazing Figure Modeler.

I was pleased to discover this reference on your new blog site. Hopefully, the kit is still available - I'd appreciate any lead you can supply.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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James Groman said...

If you would like a Pebbles Kit contact me at!

助けて~! said...

凄く困ってます☆ すぐに連絡ください

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