Monday, May 05, 2008

Boose -n- Gar Front and Back Covers

Here is the nearly finished front cover image to the Boose n Gar Collected book! (I say nearly because I have been known to tweek these things right up until the day it goes to print.)
I enlarged the background to allow for the logotype to be applied, and added a blue border treatment. (A homage to the border treatment on the comic's original covers in the 80's)
I also began coloring the image to be used for the back cover as well, and here it is. More of a portrait study of the two heroes, in a more relaxed moment between adventures.


Tancredo said...

Woow... Soo Kooool! The smoke of the cigarette, everything... Man, such a cool art like this inspires me to keep going everyday and trying to give my best on illustration. Kool as always, from Mr. J

james groman said...

Great to hear!
Get to it, Tancredo. Draw Draw Draw!
Your comments mean alot, so keep 'em coming. Get some of your art up on the net too, so we can see it! You'll find that it will inspire yet another artist out there.

Tancredo said...

Thanks for the kind words James. Yes, i got a blog. Not a lot of stuff yet but... please, check out: said...

This is looking very cool Jim I can't wait to get my hands on the finished graphic novel.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Nice work!
Amazing as always, nice to see them alive and well.

Rene Cigler
Portland, Oregon

Anonymous said...

oh forgot- here is my info
love to catch up on work, family all the good stuff :)
here is my info
living in Portland Oregon with Cameron
and running our apparel line.

hope to hear from you soon


zillaboy29 said...

OMG I cannot believe I have found the creator of BUCE N GAR. I bought BUCE N GAR #1-2 back in the day and have been searching for more - IS THERE ANY MORE. I absolutely loved these two. So are there going to be more adventures for these two and if so where can I BUY THEM. I NEED MORE BUCE N GAR

James Groman said...

The Boose & Gar collected volume has gone to the printer, and I am waiting for my first copies.
Get me your address and I will let you know when it's printed.
Thanks for the comment.

zillaboy29 said...


THAT IS AWSOME, I cannot wait. My address is

8320 City Loft Ct
Raleigh, NC 27613

I AM SO LOOOOKING FORWARD to seeing my two favorite hero's again. THANK YOU SO MUCH

jimmyshadepratt said...

I just found out about this. Is the Boose n' Gar book still available?

Anonymous said...

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Zillaboy29 said...

Mr Groman,

Zillaboy here again. It has been awhile and I was wondering if the Buce N Gar collection has come out yet. I HAVE TO GET A COPY. Keep ut the amazing work.

JR Miller

助けて~! said...

凄く困ってます☆ すぐに連絡ください

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