Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Return of the Cyclops

I did some quick finishes on this last night. Been pretty busy lately so I have not devoted as much time to it as I would have liked, but I am still happy with the result. I piled on the textures and experimented with some different brushes in photoshop. Tried to keep it dark and moody, but that color would just not go away!!
Some of you may get a twinge of familiarity from the composition of this piece. Many years ago during an art history course I discovered the work of the Spanish old masters/modernist painter Francisco Goya. I was particularly taken with his infamous 'Black Paintings' done shortly before his death. This cyclops rendering is a tip of the hat to a painting he did in 1819 called 'Saturn Devouring his Children'.
Though my image is a bit disturbing, google GOYA'S image and you will see an image that will haunt your dreams and nightmares.


Christine said...

Super creepy. I love the comparison to Goya's painting. Goya's works are extra scary too. I remember studying some of his stuff in an art history class. Love the cyclops!

♥ xtine

Dain Q. Gore said...


Always impressed with your work. I think your attention to lighting and texture as well as hue variations (most esp. in your Madballs paintings) is spot on.

have you heard of Yasumasa Morimura? He did a bunch of photography based on Goya's work in Los Caprichos as well as his infamous "Saturn devouring his children."

Anonymous said...

I like the new year's resolution of more updates to your blogsite! you've got at least one loyal fan here for sure.
a quick couple drawing questions for you if not too much trouble -
1. when setting up to begin a piece, say for instance "return of the cyclops", do you have any routine to get the creative juices flowing? just curious.
and 2. what size did the cyclops piece end up being?
thanks groman!

tyler j.

助けて~! said...

凄く困ってます☆ すぐに連絡ください

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