Monday, September 07, 2009

Project: C.H.U.D.

The subject this month on Sketch-O-Rama is an old 1984 movie called C.H.U.D. At first I had trouble getting excited about it, but decided to use it as an excuse to do a sculpt. I have not done any serious sculpting in quite some time, and truley enjoyed getting back into it. What I ended up with is kind of a C.H.U.D. Madball of sorts. Not only did I use my sculpt to create my submission illustration for Sketch-O-Rama, but I am gonna cast up a few in resin for friends and family.

3 comments: said...

Love this Jim, great to see you sculptin' again.

John K. said...

A CHUD Madball would be awesome.

Are you still working on Madballs? When I asked Basic Fun at Toy Fair, they said Madballs were no longer one of their licenses.

Neil said...

Wow! Hey man... I gotta have some sort of cast of that CHUD head. I run a website called We just released our Chud Nelson shirt. I would love to use that as a promo object for conventions or photos or something. Let me know how big it is and if you would be willing to sell a cast.

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