Sunday, October 25, 2009

Triptiskeletal Tattoo Tees at The Groman Store!!

Click on my Groman Store banner to pick up one of my new, Triptiskeletal Tattoo Tees.Each design combines the skeletal structure of 3 prehistoric reptiles with an ancient tribal tattoo motif. You have your choice of six colors and two different style shirts, Alstyle and American Apparel.Each shirt retails for $17.99 and are available only through MySoti.
All designs Copyright 2009 James Groman

1 comment:

Christian Pearce said...

Damn! These super cool James!
That ceratopian one in particular, what have we got there... triceratops, styracosaurus and is that a monoclonius on the right?
Excellent stuff!

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