Monday, January 18, 2010

Zombot Ghouls Return!

Wanna know why I haven't posted in a while? Well, I've been SCULPTING!
I am in the midst of creating the pattern for a 22 inch tall Zombot Ghoul figure, based on the character and artwork that I did many moons ago for my 'Monster Hunter' project. (check out the illustration in my earlier posts)
This illustration has always been a favorite among friends and fans, and thanks to my buddy Matt Hawkins suggestion, it will now be a resin model kit.
I am planning on attending the Monsterpalooza show in Burbank, California in April and thought it would be nice to show up with something brand new from the Groman studio...(it has been quite a while since I have sculpted a full figure model kit.) Lets see if anyone remembers who I am..!


Brine Blank said...

Awesome sculpy date my one regret is not having been taught the proper process for working in this medium...I keep thinking I will take a class...

Gav said...

you da man, Jim

Anonymous said...

Jim, I want a Zombot! email me as soon as you are ready to selthe castings, Good to see you sculpting garage kits again. Any chance of you completing your beast and babes line?

Marc Tassone

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Love your work, this is quite simply brilliant !!!!! Can't wait to see this painted up !!

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