Monday, February 22, 2010

Zombot Ghoul Resin Kit Pre-orders!

Thats right. James Groman's Zombot Ghoul resin kits are now available for pre-order at THE GROMAN STORE. Follow the link to THE GROMAN STORE on this blog to find out details on how to order this massive, monstrous beauty!


Marc Tassone said...

JIM! I MUST HAVE ONE!. PayPal is giving me fits but I'll have the funds Friday Could you Sign the base for me? I am so stoked about this piece.

Marc (fanboy) Tassone

James Groman said...

Thanks, Marc!
Send me an email about the Hideous Sun Demon....
We can discuss it.

Marc Tassone said...

Hello jim,

i sent two emails yesterday but I am woundering if you c=got them, as that niether message appears in my sent box. If you got them great 'll wait for your reply, if not then I am a caveman.

Marc Tassone said...

Jim, heres my email:

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