Friday, September 10, 2010

Monster Toys Are Go!!

I haven't posted in a while...been very busy on a comic book project for the Monsterverse comics title 'Bela Lugosi's Tales from the Grave'.Did take some time out to start work on some figure concepts for a vinyl toy manufacturer. Here is one of the first drawings I did for them, straight from the sketchbook. Though the final concept for the toy has changed a bit, I still like this first sketch. Hope you do too!


Strange Kid said...

I'm definitely looking forward to Tales from the Grave, should be a killer book. This toy design looks pretty wicked as well, any clue as to what line it belongs to or is that still under wraps?

krakit said...

Wow! What a great
looking toy that
would make. Can
you give us more
info such as when
it's planned to be
released and where
we can buy it?

James Groman said...

This was an early concept, and the final product is going a bit of a different direction. The new direction might actually be cooler than this one...
I will ask the client if it's okay to give out info on this...I may even ask to post pictures of the progress!
Thanks guys!

Sorrentino said...

Love your blog! It's full of such detail and ghouls! Just right for this time of the year!

James Groman said...

Thanks, Sorrentino!
Got some new stuff I am getting ready to post, so keep checking back! said...


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