Monday, June 06, 2011

Vinyl monstrosities!

Here are two sketches straight from my sketchbook that I did for a huge, 15 inch tall vinyl toy I am sculpting for Lullubell toys. Thats right, 15 inches tall! I will be posting some photos of the sculpt in progress over the next few weeks. It's gonna be MAGNIFICENT!


krakit said...

Man oh Man!
That's gonna be such a cool
toy and HUGE too! Is one
half regular and the other
half the exposed skeleoton?

James Groman said...

Actually, that was the original idea. But i think that it will be that way only on the skull. The rest of the body will be varying degrees of decomposition. As you can see in the sketch, everything that Rotten Rex eats can be seen in his exposed stomach.
I have the armature done, and will be posting shots of the sculpt in progress soon.
Thanks for the interest!!

John K. said...

long-time fan!
Is this thing going to be articulated at all, or a static piece?

Looks like a serious enemy for Boose and Gar. Sign me up for one when it is ready.

James Groman said...

Actually Rotten Rex was from a short story I wrote many years ago, and eventually became part of the Monster Hunter story.
In the sketch you can see a little drawing of the ancient cursed idol that is hung around the neck of the creature that brings it to life....I think that the toy will come with the idol.
And yes, the neck, shoulders, legs and tail will swivel in the sockets. Since it is vinyl, the articulation will be somewhat limited.
Thanks, John K.

krakit said...

Any photos of the sculpt
in progress? I'm craving
to see more of this
awesome monstrosity.

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