Monday, August 29, 2011

Comicon 2011!

Got a few photos from San Diego Comicon I want to share. I was invited to participate in my first Comicon Panel 5:00 on Friday afternoon. It was a great experience getting to meet Monsterverse publisher/writer: Sam Park for the first time, (Sam and I collaborated on the story: 'Claws of the Werewolf' in issue 2 of Bela Lugosi Presents: Tales from the Grave. I illustrated, he wrote the story.)I actually sat next to one of my favorite artists in comics today, Dan Brereton. In this new age of digital art/painting, Dan shows us what a true master of traditional media is capable of.
While waiting to go into the Monsterverse panel on Friday, I happened to notice a well dressed, elderly gentleman that looked strangely familiar hiding behind a plant in the upstairs lobby.I recognized him right away as actor James Hong! James has probably appeared in more television shows and films than any actor in Hollywood (Outer Limits, Kung Fu, Senfield, Kung Fu Panda, Blade Runner... the list goes on and on. Google his name and you will be AMAZED!)
Many years ago I had actually sculpted an action figure of James as the villainous Lo Pan from the film: Big Trouble in Little China' for N2 Toys. He was familiar with the figure, and seemed to be excited to meet me. I even coaxed his companion (his daughter?) to take a photo of us.


Strange Kid said...

That last photo with James Hong is priceless, James. Hong seems like such an awesome guy.

John K. said...

Awesome! I'd like to meet Mr. Hong someday as well.

Jim, it was great to meet you at SDCC this year - forgive the excitement on my part. You've designed so many awesome things that have influenced my life and childhood that it was overwhelming. Keep up the incredible work - and finish that dinosaur thing! It was looking incredible from the artwork.

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