Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Ball of Cthulhu!!

Howdy! New Madball painting! New Madball painting! Just finished this for the Monster Art show at the F.O.E. Gallery, coming up this weekend. I call it 'The Ball of Cthulhu'. Did this quick, in about 5 hours in between other projects. 16'' by 16''acrylic on canvas board. This is my first Madball painting in about 2 years. Forgot how fun they are to do. Anyway, enjoy the terror of: THE BALL OF CTHULHU!


Christian Pearce said...


John K. said...

It is fantastic, as your work always is.

James Groman said...

Hey, my friend. Cool to hear from you. Seeing some way cool stuff from you at AG.

James Groman said...

Thanks, John. Love doing these. Kinda want to do a big one. Maybe 32'' by 32" next time.

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