Monday, August 06, 2012

Rotten Rex Comic Book

Howdy! Anyone reading this blog knows about the Rotten Rex sculpture that I did a few months back, and that it will hopefully become a vinyl toy in the next couple months... I decided to do a 'pack-in' mini-comic of sorts to sell in conjunction with RR initial release..(we are hoping for New York City Comicon). I have all the pages inked and are about to start coloring (may even do a cool black and white style wash on them, Like an old B-Monster movie)as well as beginning on the cover painting. I am also hoping to release a mock movie poster to sell with the toy as well. Anyway, thought that I would give everyone a preview of a couple of the comic pages, uncolored and without word balloons.


John K. said...


I can't tell you how bad I want one of these.
I'll be at NYCC, so I am definitely getting one if on sale there.

James Groman said...

Will be signing toys/books at the show. Say hello, John K.!

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