Sunday, March 02, 2014

Rotten Rexx:Radiated Rexx

Howdy! Been neglecting blog posts in favor of instagram posts. Gonna try to rectify that, and start getting some things up here. I did this paint up of Rotten Rexx for Designer Con in Pasadena. It was damaged and I finally got around to fixing it, and am preparing it for its trip back to Lullubell Toys and into the hands of some happy collector. Will be posting some more photos soon, since I am in the midst of doing a paint master of RR for a future Lullubell release.


Strange Kid said...

He's positively... glowing! :D

Scott Kinnebrew said...

I really dig this figure. I had a chance to see one in person at NYCC 2013. Do you happen to have any unpainted ones? I'd love the opportunity to buy one to paint. Thanks.

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